An Giang: Many new tourism products to serve tourists
Update: Jan 08, 2024
 An Giang is entering the peak tourism season of Spring 2024. Unique and attractive tourism products are also being offered by tourist areas, destinations, units and businesses to attract and retain tourists.

Cam Mountain is always an attractive destination for many tourists

Possessing the inherent potentials and advantages from the poetic and charming natural landscapes, An Giang tourism industry is trying to quickly develop into a key economic sector of the province. Since then, tourism products have become more and more diverse, based on the unique cultural identity of each destination, creating a highlight that attracts domestic and foreign tourists. At the same time, to meet the tourism needs of visitors, An Giang province and tourism businesses have actively built and renewed tourism products at destinations to increase experiences or create new tourism styles,… In which, the province focuses on diversifying products and types of tourism; improving the quality of tourism types associated with traditional cultural, belief, religious and ethnic festivals; implementing recreational sports activities to serve the sightseeing and entertainment needs of tourists coming to An Giang.

Typically, Cam Mountain is also known as Thien Cam Son, possessing a majestic, mysterious appearance, cool climate, and charming scenery like a water painting that stirs the souls of visitors. Considered as a version of "Da Lat" in the West, Cam Mountain has become the most visited, experienced, and worshiped destination among An Giang tourist destinations. In particular, recognizing the appropriate conditions of Cam Mountain Tourist Area, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center and the Management Board of Cam Mountain Tourist Area have implemented orientations to develop the night-time economy here. These activities will bring a new look to Cam Mountain, retain tourists staying on the mountain, contributing to the development of local tourism,... Besides the strength of spiritual tourism, seasonal tourism to visit and experience fruit orchards,... at Cam Mountain will contribute towards the goal of promoting the development of local tourism types, meeting the diverse needs of tourists all year round, bringing new experiences about Cam Mountain.

On the other hand, Chau Doc rafting village is located from the confluence of Chau Doc river to the upstream of Hau river and Chau Doc river of An Phu district. This is a unique tourist destination of the province that has developed in recent years. With 161 fish rafts painted in different colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, it has created a multi-colored "rainbow", bringing a unique impression of perspective for visitors. This is a new tourism product of An Giang province that promises to attract international and domestic tourists to learn and experience the river life and culture of the Cham community in An Giang. With a road of over 1km located along Tien Islet area in Da Phuoc townlet; 161 colorful fish rafts at the river confluence, viewed from many directions, will create a colorful space that has both cultural significance and an impressive and unique experience for visitors. After putting on a new "shirt" for the raft village, An Giang Trade and Investment Promotion Center and the city's local government, Chau Doc city, An Phu district mobilized people to welcome visitors and supplement food services for tourists to experience fish farming on the river. At the same time, to learn about the life on rafts of people in the river region, enjoy typical dishes of An Giang province... In addition, tourists can visit Da Phuoc Cham Village, the Mosque, and see traditional brocade weaving of the Cham people, experience life with the people here.

Tourists experience canoeing and sightseeing in Tra Su Melaleuca forest

One of the most famous ecological areas in the Mekong Delta, Tra Su Melaleuca forest is a destination not to be missed in the journey to explore the gardens and rivers of the West. Coming here, visitors are more and more surprised and excited every time they realize the many wonders of nature; conquer the longest bamboo bridge through the forest in Vietnam; Explore the colorful wild natural world of the flooded Melaleuca forest with many rare animals and plants,... creating a poetic, romantic and peaceful scene. Currently, Tra Su Melaleuca forest also promotes regional connectivity, researches to grasp the tastes and needs of tourists, constantly renew the landscape, providing the best experience to increase the rate of returning visitors. At the same time, tourism products have been diversified in addition with the cultural beauty of the Southern people, such as: traveling to the Melaleuca forest on boats, dinghies, fishing, cycling through the forest, participating in traditional game of cycling across the “footbridge”, taking in the panoramic view of the Melaleuca forest on Vong Canh Tower,...

Paragliding performance at Tri Ton attracts tourists

To meet the change in tourism needs of tourists, localities and tourism businesses in the province have proactively and actively upgraded, supplemented, built and renewed tourism products to increase new experiences or create new travel styles. Typically, the mountainous district of Tri Ton is focusing on promoting its strengths and creating highlights to attract a large number of tourists during holidays and Tet days. It becomes the first place in the Mekong Delta to organize adventure sports that seemed strange to people in the West, but have now become familiar, such as: paragliding, kite-gliding, model airplanes, ballooning,… of all sizes and colors flying in the air, contributing to attracting tourists.

With efforts to build new, unique, attractive tourism products with its own brand, it is hoped that An Giang tourism will continue to become a truly "Safe - Friendly - Attractive" destination for a large number of domestic and foreign tourists./.

News by Dang Phuong - Translation by Thi Huynh

AGP - - January 5, 2024