Returning to the sea, islands, and land of "yellow flowers and green grass" on the holiday occasion
Update: Apr 24, 2024
The 5-day holiday on April 30 and May 1 is a great time for people to reward themselves and their families for travel and rest. In the beginning of summer, the sea and islands in the land of "yellow flowers and green grass" are an interesting destination for visitors to pick.

Tourists experiencing diving tours on Lao Mai Nha island

Traveling in the early days of summer reveals that the water and islands are very attractive. With the advantage for a long time, the provinces and cities of the central coastal area such as Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan, etc. are becoming destinations attracting a lot of attention and choice of tourists. Among these, Phu Yen has recently emerged as a phenomenon.

What makes the sea and islands in the land of "yellow flowers and green grass" so exciting? The answer to the feelings of many tourists as well as the feedback of travel agencies on family trips is that Phu Yen island has pristine and fresh beauty: blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine!

Besides the pristine beauty of the sea and islands, Phu Yen is highly appreciated by travel agencies for its abundance of destinations compared to many other localities. In one day, guests can hardly check in at all the famous destinations in Phu Yen, let alone spend time to experience them.

"We advise guests to go to Phu Yen to choose a package of 4 days and 3 nights or at least 3 days and 2 nights to have time to surf through the destinations to be visited," said Ms Hoàng Ly, tour operator of Vietnamtourism - Vitours Joint Stock Company (Da Nang City).

The dates can be temporarily divided to experience the destinations in the land of "yellow flowers and green grass" as follows. Day 1: Northern tour, including the main destinations: Tiger God wooden bridge, Da Dia Reef, Mang Lang church, Xep beach, Hon Yen, O Loan lagoon, and Thanh Luong pagoda. Day 2: Southern tour, including the main destinations: Mui Dien Lighthouse (the place to welcome the earliest sunrise on the mainland of Vietnam), Vung Ro Bay, No-Number Ship Relic, and Hon Nua.  Day 3: Western tour, including the main points: Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Truc Lam Plateau Red Orchard, Uncle Ho Church, BB Farm, Go Thi Thung Tunnel, etc. There are too many destinations; consequently, guests can prioritize or eliminate sites based on their interests and time.

That is not to mention the destinations in Tuy Hoa city that visitors cannot ignore, such as the special national relic Nhan Tower, Nghinh Phong Tower Square, Tuy Hoa Marine Park, Ho Son Detention Basin, Ngoc Lang Vegetable Village, etc. Visitors can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, squid fishing, and spending the night on the nearshore islands such as Lao Mai Nha, Hon Chua, Hon Nua, etc.

Ms Hong Giang from Ho Chi Minh City shared: “Phu Yen has too much pristine beauty and fresh air. On the journey to tourist destinations, fields, roads, and villages also help us feel the beauty of surroundings here. If we have time, we will just travel to one or two places every day, then relax, swim, alleviate stress, and eat delicious food; it sounds great!"

Referring to the cuisine, Nau Land - Phu Yen can be said to be a land with an abundant and rich cuisine with a typical taste; however, it can still be "tasty" for all tourists in every region. Seafood is still the number one choice when visitors come to Phu Yen, due to the abundance of species and freshness.

The people of Nau Land - Phu Yen are also a "specialty",  leaving a lot of affection for visitors.  This is most obviously and objectively expressed by visitors' emotions to the events and experiences here. In particular, after the National Marathon Championship and the 65th Tien Phong Marathon National Championship 2024 in Phu Yen, many people feel the sincerity, affection, and enthusiasm of Nau people.

“Phu Yen people are so lovable. From the elderly to children, come out early to cheer on the runners on many different instruments: trumpet drums, pots, and pans. They supply water, fruits, and take pictures with athletes, etc. That sincerity surprised and delighted us and left us in love, wanting to return to Phu Yen" wrote Hoang Quan, a friend from Lai Chau province.

Translated by Hai Loan

Phu Yen News - - Apr 21, 2024