6 ideal check-in points in the summer in Phu Tho
Update: Jun 26, 2023
Phu Tho is about 70km northwest of Hanoi. Referring to Phu Tho, people immediately think of the Hung Kings’ Temple Festival, a pilgrimage destination to the origin or the immense palm forest and tea hills. In fact, Phu Tho has many other diverse tourist destinations to be explored by visitors, especially in this June.

1. Xuan Son National Park

Topping the list of ideal destinations in the summer when coming to Phu Tho is Xuan Son National Park, Tan Son district. About 120km from Hanoi, about 70km from Viet Tri city, Xuan Son National Park ranks 12th among the 15 largest national parks in Vietnam.

One day in Xuan Son, the weather is characterized by 4 seasons: the cool morning of spring, the warm noon of summer, the cool afternoon of autumn, and the chilly evening of winter. This is the advantage of the park for development of eco-tourism, resort tourism and community tourism. In addition to the attractiveness of rich flora and fauna, Xuan Son also has many interesting natural landscapes. Xuan Son National Park has three peaks over 1,000m high, namely Voi Mountain, Ten Mountain and Can Mountain, together with many caves, streams, and waterfalls, making the landscape both majestic and poetic.

2. Ao Chau Lagoon

Ao Chau Lagoon, Ha Hoa District is likened to “Ha Long of Phu Tho” with a water surface area of ​​over 300 hectares emerging in the middle of a midland hill region, the lagoon is made up of 99 water channels. The water in the lagoon is always clear and clean, the average water depth is from 8 to 10m, the deepest place is 15m. In the near future, Ao Chau lagoon will form an eco-tourism and resort area of Phu Tho province.

3. Sky Pond, Fairy Stream

8km from Au Co Mother Temple, Sky Pond - Sky Pond tourist attraction is located on Na mountain, Ha Hoa district. This is a tourist destination with wild beauty, fresh and cool air, suitable for tourists who love exploring.

Visitors can follow two main routes to visit Sky Pond, But Well, Green Valley, Fairy Cave, Bottomless Cave, Ban Co and Canh Tien Waterfalls. Fairy Stream originates on Na mountain, flows through rocky crevices like a silvery white silk strip, across the mountainside, striking between the smooth green mountains and the blue sky, creating a poetic and familiar scene. Water flows from Na mountain through many cascades down to a clear stream. Fairy Stream flows through many floors and steps creating many waterfalls, of which Ban Co and Canh Tien Waterfalls are the most beautiful.

4. Mo Waterfall

On June days, many tourists choose to stop by Mo waterfall in Choi hamlet, Cu Thang commune, Thanh Son district to enjoy the fresh and cool air of the mountains. Mo Waterfall has 9 different floors, from afar, you can hear the sound of the waterfall whispering like singning of the mountain girls. The waterfall is surrounded by green mountains, with rich and diverse primitive flora and fauna.

After taking a cool bath and discovering the beauty of nature, visitors can take rest at the house on stilts and enjoy the typical and rustic dishes of the Thanh Son mountainous region such as: Grilled chicken, deep-fried fish, bamboo shoot and banana flower salad, sour meat, forest pork, cassava leaf and fish soup... which are produced and processed by the Muong ethnic group.

5. May Waterfall

May Waterfall is located in Huong Can commune, about 25km from the center of Thanh Son district. On the top of Hem mountain, there is a small lake, the water from which pours down the mountainside to form Hem stream and many successive cascades, called May waterfall.

May Waterfall consists of 13 large and small waterfalls, of which the highest waterfall is Thuong waterfall with many white foaming water columns. Approaching the waterfall, the air seems to be cool, different from the outside air, visitors can immerse themselves in the cool spring water after discovering the beautiful natural scene.

6. Van Lang Park

This summer, Van Lang Park is the ideal check-in point not only for residents of Viet Tri city but also for tourists from other provinces when coming to Phu Tho. Van Lang Park is likened to a “Green Pearl” - a symbol of green living in the heart of the city, helping to improve the value of life for people.

The green park has four seasons, and each season has typical flowers and check-in corners such as the pedestrian bridge across the lake, the groom selection tower... for visitors to take pictures they like. Two types of typical flowers in the park in summer are Cassia fistula and sunflower. With the bright yellow color of flowers and the cool green color of the trees around the park, it is a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Bao Han

Phu Tho Newspaper - en.baophutho.vn - June 25, 2023