Visiting Da Nang’s commune of Hoa Bac during ripe rice season
Update: May 02, 2024
There are now many convenient roads from the centre of Da Nang City to Hoa Bac Commune in Hoa Vang District, so the journey is quick. However, the road from Nam O along Ngo Xuan Thu Street and running along Cu De River is very beautiful. Passing through two rows of green trees and vast sugarcane fields, Nam Yen Village appears with fields of ripening rice in early summer.

Hoa Bac Commune during ripe rice season

The weather is not yet hot. Hoa Bac is much cooler than the city, along with the faint smell of rice, creating a very relaxing and pleasant feeling.

There is a cafe in the middle of the field. Lua House Restaurant used to be a large garden located close to the rice fields. When tourism began to develop, the restaurant’s owner and her husband built a small house to serve as a homestay and next to it is a café and restaurant. In the middle is a large lawn so guests can do fun activities as they like. She provides mainly local specialties, such as wild vegetables, fish, chicken, and pork, at reasonable prices.

Hoa Bac’s tourism has developed strongly so that many households earn more income from accompanying services. There are beautifully decorated cafes, stone fences, and homestays. The locals said that on weekends and holidays, rooms have been fully booked. However, they still consider it as a side job. For them, farming, forestry and the jobs that they did before are still their main occupations.

People in Hoa Bac are always hospitable when welcoming visitors to experience and enjoy the fresh air here, and they still remember their responsibility to keep the forest, rivers and streams clean. Therefore, they have not been scrambling for customers. Everyone hopes that visitors will choose travel services, not travel spontaneously, not set up tents, and not bathe in rivers and streams where there is no management to avoid unfortunate events or harm the environment. That stream and river is the source of clean water for the city.

Tue Tam - Translated by NDO

NDO - - Apr 30, 2024