Hanoi Opera House launches night cultural tourism product
Update: Mar 06, 2024
(TITC) - The Hanoi Opera House Management Board on March 2 evening launched a night cultural tourism product named “Music Garden”, in which people are able to enjoy music and the theatre’s architectural beauty at night.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Vice Director of the theatre Mr. Chu Anh Hung noted that the Hanoi Opera House has created an outdoor space for the "Music Garden". The garden is paved with artificial grass and decorated with miniature landscapes. The highlight is the music performance space and classic fountain statue.

Cultural events using traditional musical instruments will be held at "Music Garden", aiming to promote to international visitors. Ịn addition, the theatre planned to cooperate with embassies of countries in Ha Noi to bring their music closer to Vietnamese people. In the coming time, the theatre will coordinate with tour operators to offer tours that allow visitors to enjoy music and explore the theatre, Mr. Hung said.

Shows featuring traditional musical instruments and classic music are available at Music Garden from 9h-12h and 13h-18h while classic music or domestic/international singers’ concerts are available from 19h30-22h. Tickets for the shows range from VND69,000 - VND99,000 (US$2.08 - US$4) including a drink.

Hanoi Opera House is one of the most important architectural landmarks in the capital of Vietnam. The theatre was built by the French in the early 20th century, started in 1901 and finished in 1911. It was modeled on the Palais Garnier, the famous opera house of Paris. The building now is considered a must-see attraction in Ha Noi.

Tourism Information Technology Center. Photo: Bao Hanoi moi