More conveniences added to serve revealers on Nha Trang Beach
Update: Sep 15, 2023
To keep Nha Trang City more stunningly beautiful and friendly, Nha Trang City Management Board of Public Services has proposed to the City People's Committee a plan to add public restrooms at Hon Chong Park; Pham Van Dong Park and Youth Park; and automatic beach foot showers at Pham Van Dong park to better serve swimmers and revelers.

In order to better serve residents and tourists, recently, Nha Trang City People's Committee has invested in several practical public works on Nha Trang Beach, making it an ideal spot for swimming, promenading and having fun.

Taking water from drinking water fountains on Nha Trang Beach.

 A tourist named Pham Quang Loc from Gia Lai Province said, "My family often travels to Nha Trang City. Its beach park has become more and more beautiful with a wide range of conveniences, new pavements and more public facilities. We used to bring bottles of drinking water with us to the beach; Now, drinking water is available on the beach for tourists to quench their thirst for free."

According to Nguyen Thi Minh Hien, Deputy Director of the Nha Trang City Public Services Management Board, every day, the beach is often crowded with revealers and swimmers.

Currently, together with 7 free drinking water fountains, Nha Trang City People's Committee has invested in 6 underground public restrooms, each with an area of 80m2, 1.05 high and 2m underneath the beach park. Besides the restrooms, there are freshwater showers, serving 20 people at the same time. Public restrooms are regularly cleaned.

During events and festivals with large crowds, portable toilets are also installed, providing a quick and easy solution for many requiring easily maintainable toilet facilities. 

Nha Trang City People's Committee has recently approved the Provincial Youth Union’s coordination with Resa Energy Joint Stock Company to construct a concrete pavement, 1.8m wide and 10.9m long, with tiles made from plastic waste, including 32,000 plastic bottles on Tran Phu Street, opposite Yasaka - Saigon - Nha Trang Hotel. The project contributes to beautifying the coastal landscape as well as spreading the message of environmental protection.

According to Nha Trang City Management Board of Public Services, along Nha Trang Beach Park, there are also 32 automatic beach foot showers allowing holidaymakers and swimmers to rinse off  on the beach; together with 141 outdoor exercise machines available for use. All the facilities are under regular maintenance. The sample of the drinking water is sent for Ecoli testing every month to ensure health safety for users.

T.Thinh - Translated by N.T

Khanh Hoa News - - September 14, 2023