Meeting the farmer doing homestay service in Na Phon (Hoa Binh)
Update: Aug 23, 2023
Being located next to Mai Chau Ecolodge in Na Phon commune, Mai Chau district is Mai Chau Sky Resort. With a prime location surrounded by mountains, lush green grass and close to nature, Mai Chau Sky Resort is designed with simple, rustic stilt houses bearing the character of the Northwest mountains.

Mai Chau Sky Resort is a favorite destination for tourists when coming to Na Phon.

The main material used are wood, the roof combined with glass making this resort become close, however, it still exudes its own luxury. When visiting it, we think the owner must be someone who has a "skill” in tourism. In fact, he is a farmer. The owner is Mr. Ha Van Sem from Na Chieng hamlet, Na Phon commune. Years ago, his family like many other households in Na Phon commune, mainly relied on rice cultivation, maize and cassava cultivation, so their life faced many difficulties.

In 2013, Mai Chau Ecolodge tourism area was built, so Mr. Sem and his children and grandchildren started work. Mr. Sem says: Through the process of working and accumulating experience in tourism, built Mai Chau Sky Resort in 2017. Initially, it was built just for drivers and tour guides in Mai Chau Ecolodge to rent, because they did not have economic conditions and the needed to sleep a lot. After a few years, we were able to expand to attract tourists. Currently, Mai Chau Sky Resort has 19 rooms and stilt houses for guests and 5 rooms for drivers and guides to rent. The resort is spacious and clean, and it retains the environmentally friendly ancient architecture, it has a swimming pool for tourists with a capacity of about 100 people. For community motels, they are fully equipped with neatly folded blankets, cushions and pillows to serve about 30 guests in the stilt house.

One of the most popular and frequented areas in Mai Chau Sky Resort is the infinity pool. Around the swimming pool, the guests can relax and sunbathe overlooking the rice fields, creating attractions. Annually, the total income of Mr. Sem's family is over 3.5 billion VND. In addition to creating jobs for the family members, the resort also creates jobs for 10 local employees with an average income of more than 4 million VND a month.

Sharing the experiences in doing tourism, Mr. Ha Van Sem adds: Service business is a service profession. To be successful, business people need to understand the psychology and culture of each visitor. For instance, foreigners, when traveling, they like to experience, rest, do not attach importance to eating and drinking, so they need a quiet space. Every small action such as a waiter wearing slippers, sweeping the floor, sweeping the house early in the morning... will leave a bad impression. Capturing such a mentality, guests to Mai Chau Sky Resort are more and more crowded. There are guests who come here every year to relax. This place is one of the favorite destinations for tourists when coming to Na Phon, Mai Chau.

HBO - - August 13, 2023