Thien Duong Cave

Location: Thien Duong (Paradise) Cave is situated at Milestone 16 on the western line of the Ho Chi Minh Road, within the Son Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province, about 30km from Phong Nha-Tien Son caves.

Characteristics: Thien Duong Cave in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO-recognised world natural heritage site, has become a favourite destination of domestic and foreign tourists.

◊ Natural Beauty of the Cave

In 2005, an explorer from Britist Cave Research Association discovered a wonder cave. With excellent beauty and magnificent of the cave had made member of the group exclaimed that “Paradise Cave”. 


It is a dry cave with no underground river. The early evaluation of the British Royal Expedition shows that Thien Duong remains untouched, with a very splendid beauty, longer and larger than Phong Nha or Tien Son caves.


In Thien Duong, there are several high and wide arches with numberless strange shapes. Deep in the cave, stalactites are much unique than elsewhere, even in Phong Nha or Tien Son caves. The big, round beautiful stalactites adjoining one another sparkle like stars in the dark sky. 



◊ 1km Wooden Staircase to Explore the Cave

At an altitude of 360m above the sea level, Thien Duong Cave area's temperature ranges from 9 - 10 degree celsius. Its cave is small, hidden behind the cliffs and trees. It is divided into several large chambers; the most extensive chamber is over 200m with above 100m high.


To preserve the original status of the cave, Truong Thinh Group has built a wooden staircase with 3,5m wide and more than 1000m for visitors.


◊ Trekking Tours to Further Explore the Cave

Visitors who love exploring and discovering can join an adventurous journey to enjoy the mysterious beauties of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave, paddle along underground rivers as well as wade across the coolest streams to reach the skylight at the bottom of the cave with length of 7km.


Thien Duong Cave received the 3 records by the Viet Nam Record Book Center (Vietking) on 11 June 2011:

- The longest dry cave in Viet Nam.

- The most unique stalactite system.

- The wooden stairs longest in Asia


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