Phu Lang Pottery Village

Location: Phu Lang Commune, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province, about 60km to the north-east of Ha Noi.

Characteristics: Phu Lang Pottery was known as the pottery centre of former Kinh Bac land.

Features of Phu Lang Pottery

Different from Tho Ha pottery (Bac Giang Province) made from green clay and Bat Trang pottery (Ha Noi) made from white clay, Phu Lang pottery is made from red clay of Thong Vat and Cung Kiem areas, Bac Giang Province. The specific feature of Phu Lang pottery is the durable and natural brownish glaze; simple and strong design; embossed patterns according to traditional themes such as sacred animals, countryside landscapes... Especially, Phu Lang pottery is heated by wood to create special spots on the glaze thanks to the different temperature variation. Thus, Phu Lang pottery products are very popular in domestic and foreign markets.



Major Phu Lang Pottery Products

Phu Lang pottery products include 3 main types of pottery for worshipping (incense burners, urns...); household pottery ( pots, jars, vases...) and fine arts pottery (vases, pots with animals shapes such as horse, elephant...).


Activities for Visitors

To Phu Lang Pottery Village, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the peaceful countryside landscapes on the bank of Cau River and also learn about the history of Phu Lang pottery as well as study how to produce pottery products.

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