Thung Nai Landscape

Thung Nai Commune belongs to Cao Phong District, about 25km from Hoa Binh City. Thung Nai possesses a section of the Da River to create beautiful landscape with rocks and islets on the lake or wooded areas. The main vehicle to visit Thung Nai is boat or canoe.


In Thung Nai, there are many places to visit such as Ba Chua Thac Bo Temple, Ngoi Hoa Temple, Thac Bo Cave, etc. Visitors can also stay overnight in Coconut Islet to explore culture of Muong ethnic people through dances, songs performed by Muong girls and boys, especially enjoy delicious dishes including smoked fish, Muong pork, drink can wine, etc.



Thung Nai, with its hundreds of islets and a large number of Muong ethnic people living in the region, can enchant anyone who sets foot into the land.