Dai Lanh Cape

Location: Hoa Tam Commune, Dong Hoa District, Phu Yen Province, about 35km to the southeast of Tuy Hoa City.

Characteristics: Dai Lanh Cape (also called Dien Cape) is considered as one of two east poles in mainland of Viet Nam (the other is Doi Cape in Khanh Hoa Province).

(TITC) - Dai Lanh Cape, a branch of Truong Son mountain range stretching to the sea, was discovered and included in nautical chart in late 19th century by the French. In 1890, the French built a lighthouse here for maritime navigation.



Dai Lanh Lighthouse is 26.5m high from the ground and 110m above sea level. This solar powered lighthouse can be seen from a distance of 27 nautical miles. Climbing 110 wooden stairs to the top of the lighthouse, visitors can contemplate the immense blue sea and sky, Bai Mon - a pristine beach, breathtaking cliffs, etc.


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