Sa Huynh Archaeological Relics

Sa Huynh Archaeological Relics, about 60km south of Quang Ngai City, lies on the coastal line of Sa Huynh in the area of Pho Thanh and Pho Khanh communes, Duc Pho District.

Sa Huynh archaeological relics were found for the first time by French archaeologist M.Vinet in 1909. This is a large area densely buried with jar graves of Sa Huynh culture residents, which dated back to over 2,000 years. The jar-shaped coffins vary in sizes and shapes such as pillar-shape or egg-shape... Some of the jars have the size of 1.8m high, 1m in diameter but most of which are under 1m high and around 0.5 - 0.6m in diameter. Inside the jars were buried many articles such as bells, bracelets, iron knives, axes, agate chains, nephrite earrings, ceramic wares like pans, bowls, vases decorated with diverse patterns.




A big archaeological excavation, which was carried out by Vietnamese Institute of Historical Research in 1978, revealed 114 objects made of stone, bone, iron, etc. thus offering new insights into the birth and development progress of Sa Huynh culture.