Cam Luong Fish Stream

Location: At the foot of Truong Sinh Mountain, Ngoc Village, Cam Luong Commune, Cam Thuy District, Thanh Hoa Province, 80km to the northwest of Thanh Hoa City’s centre.

Characteristics: The stream owns thousands of fishes. According to the belief of local people, these fishes are the god fishes, so people only admire and pray luck, no one catches and eats them.

(TITC) - Cam Luong Fish Stream is over 150m long, 3m wide, and home to thousands of gioc fishes (spinibarbichthys denticulatus) with variety of different sizes (big one weighs about 30kg). During the day, schools of fishes swim from the cave of Truong Sinh Mountain to the stream through a small cave’s entrance. At the end of day, they swim back to the cave.


The water in the stream never be dry. The deepest water level during the rainy season is only from 50 - 80cm. Especially, the water is clear and no fishy smell year-round although thousands of fishes live here.



Every year, in the first lunar month, Cam Luong Fish Stream attracts thousands of visitors to take part in the traditional god fish procession festival of Muong ethnic people. Near fish stream lying Ngoc Temple and Cay Dang Grotto with variety-shaped stalactites.


Extremely beautiful landscapes of forests, rivers and stream in Cam Luong Fish Stream creates a charming picture.


Thu Giang