Ao Chau Pond

Ao Chau is a large pond of 3km², spreading over three communes of Am Thuong, Am Ha, and Y Son in Ha Hoa District, 60km from Viet Tri City. Visitors can follow overland routes, or go railway to reach this place.

Ao Chau Pond has the shape of a giant buffalo's head whose two horns stretch out to the direction of the Thao and Chay rivers. The vast blue water of the pond remains calm all year round. On moonlit nights, Ao Chau Pond resembles a magnificent picture with forests of palm trees, hills of tea, litchis and apricots mirroring themselves in the water. Heading for Ao Chau, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and taste local specialties like fruits, carps, trionychid turtles, crabs, snails, and so on.



Ao Chau Pond boasts 99 branches, which worm their way through nearly 100 hills and islands. Sailing along these branches, visitors seem to enter an engaging world of natural landscapes. The 99 branches are deemed to be 99 water “serpents” creeping down the pond to hold water.