Con Dao National Park

Location: Con Dao District, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, about 180km from Vung Tau City
Characteristics: Con Dao National Park is one of two national parks in Viet Nam owing both forest and marine protected area.

With the total area of around 15,043ha, including 9,000ha marine and 6,043ha forest, the park's terrain is primarily hills and mountains. The highest peak is Thanh Mount (557m) and the other peaks are 150 - 300m high. The weather is characterized by tropical monsoons with direct influence from oceanic climate; the average temperature during the year is 26°C the mean humidity: 90%.


Diversified Ecosystem

The ecosystem is classified as island tropical forest and is divided into two main types of woods. The flora includes 882 high-class plant species (562 genera, 161 families). A few plant species are considered rare and precious including lat hoa, gang neo, gang long, etc.


Con Dao has 144 species, 14 of which are in the group of precious rare animals. In comparison with other natural parks, Con Dao has a land vertebrate fauna of global significance.



The sea at Con Dao contains three primary ecosystems: mangrove forest, marine grass cover, and coral reefs. Marine species are quite numerous with 1,321 species, 37 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book. Scientists also find there a few rare fishes such as the blue whale, and dugong. Especially sea turtles are large in quantity.


Con Dao National Park's marine environment and forest resources are in rather good conditions. Its bio-diversity is highly potential and the natural landscape is well preserved.


Since 2014, the park has been recognized as the 2203rd Ramsar site in the world by UNESCO.


Tourism Activities

The park is also famous among Vietnamese for its fine and unspoiled beaches, coral reefs and rare and strange marine species. Visitors are offered a wide range of tours, from eco-tourism to adventurous tours (climbing, going fishing, diving, trekking, riding bicycles, sightseeing-cum-research).

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