Son La Prison Relic

Location: Located on Khau Ca Hill, To Hieu Ward, Son La City, Son La Province, 328km from Ha Noi. 
Characteristics: It is a unique historical and cultural relic, educating young generations on patriotic tradition.


This relic site includes 2 parts: the prison and the museum.

Prison relic

The prison was built by French Colonial in 1908 on an area of 500m² to detain patriotic revolutionaries. In 1940, the prison was expanded to 1,700m² and surrounded by solid stone and brick walls with 4m-high and 0.5m-think. Beds for prisoners were covered with cement and assembled foot shackles along to the length of floor. The prison was similar to a kiln in summer by Lao wind and cold in winter due to the severe weather in the borderland region. French Colonial turned the prison into a hell to detain, doom and abolish the fight will of communist soldiers. In period 1930 – 1945, the prison detained 1,007 revolutionaries and patriots, many of whom are excellent leaders of Viet Nam’s revolution such as Le Duan, Truong Chinh, Van Tien Dung, Xuan Thuy, Tran Huy Lieu, Nguyen Co Thach, Mai Chi Tho, Tran Quoc Hoan...

Before withdrawing from Son La in 1952, French Colonial bombed in the prison to erase their crime traces. In 1965, American Empire bombed in the North, so that Son La Prison was almost completely destroyed.

With the desire of training patriotic tradition for young generation, a part of Son La Prison was rebuilt. To Son La Prison Relic, visitors will have the opportunity to visit cells, special detention rooms and hundreds of artifacts which are live evidence on brutal crime of French Colonial such as handcuffs, iron chains, clamps… In addition, there is also peach tree planted in the cliff of the prison by To Hieu – Party Committee Secretary of the prison from May 1940 to October 1941. The peach tree has become a symbol of communists’ indomitable will.




Next to the prison, the museum exhibits precious objects introducing the historical and cultural traditions of the 12 ethnic groups living in Son La Province.

Prehistoric artifacts of Son La dating back thousands of years are displayed on the first floor of the museum. The second floor is the photo gallery of Uncle Ho with the people of Son La Province. Up to the third floor, visitors have a chance to visit the gallery of artifacts reflecting the cultural life and production of ethnic groups in the province, such as pottery, jewellery, brocade, costume, etc.

Son La Prison Relic and Museum has been ranked as National Cultural – Historical Relic since 1962. The relic welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit, research and study every year.


Opening time: 8.00am -11.00am and 1.30pm - 5.00pm daily.

Fare: adults: VND 30,000/person; children: VND 15,000/person.

Son La

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