Thac Ba Lake

Location: Thac Ba Lake is situated in Luc Yen and Yen Binh districts, Yen Bai Province.
Characteristics: Thac Ba Lake is one of the largest artificial lakes in Viet Nam. It is not only a beautiful landscape, but also a national vestige.

An attractive ecological place

With the area of 23,400 ha, Thac Ba Lake includes 1,331 hill-islands, a varied vegetation cover and a diverse ecological setting. The water is blue and pure, reflecting the shade of the old woods surrounding the lake.

The caves in hill-islands on the lake such as Hum (Tiger) Cave, Cau Cuoi Cave, Bach Xa (White Snake) Cave, and Thac Ba Temple are attractive to visitors.

◊ A national historical site

Thac Ba Lake is also a historical place. In 1285, this area witnessed a battle in which General Tran Nhat Duat defeated Yuan-Mongolian invaders. In Upper Lake, there remain several vestiges of the offices of Central agencies in the anti-French resistance. In the middle of the lake stands Mong Son Cave which housed the Yen Bai Party Committee during the anti-American resistance.

Thac Ba Hydroelectric Power Plant is the first of its kind built in Viet Nam.