Ba Ra Mountain - Thac Mo Lake

Location: Thac Mo Ward, Phuoc Long Town, Binh Phuoc Province, 160km to the north of Ho Chi Minh City.

Characteristics: With the height of about 723m, Ba Ra is the highest mountain in Binh Phuoc Province and one of three highest mountains in the South-East.


(TITC) - Visiting Ba Ra Moutain, visitors will have the chance to enjoy the cool and fresh air, see clusters of clouds floating over the mountain in the early morning or a curtain of dew in the afternoon and discovering a lot of beautiful spots. Surrounding the mountain is the special-use forest which preserves all the trees of a tropical forest.


Ba Ra Mountain also is the place which witnessed the success of Phuoc Long Town’s army and people during the resistance wars against French Colonial and the American Empire in the past. Now, here still preserves many historical relics related to these two wars such as Ba Ra Prison Relic, heliport, Doi (Bat) Cave, Cay Sung (Fig Tree) Cave, etc. In addition, in the peak of the mountain, there also is Thien Hau Temple dedicated to Lady Thien Hau and Lady Chua Xu.



To reach to the peak of Ba Ra Mountain, visitors can choose two ways of walking up 1,767 steps from Bang Lang Hill or taking the cable car. From the peak, visitors have a panorama of Phuoc Long Town and Thac Mo Lake with 10 islands shaded by trees. During the rainy season (from May to October), the lake’s water surface can spreads to 12,000ha, so it looks like an immense sea amidst the forest and mountains. At night, Thac Mo is sparkling and brilliant with lights from the hydro-electricity power plant. Coming to Thac Mo Lake, visitors also have the opportunity to drop the net to catch fishes with local fishermen and enjoy local specialties.


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