Cua Tung Beach

Location: An Duc Hamlet, Vinh Quang Commune, Vinh Linh District, Quang Tri Province.
Characteristics: Although Cua Tung Beach is not very wide or long, it has its own beauty. The beach has sparkling green water, silky sand, and it is touched by soft breezes throughout the year.

Bow-shaped Cua Tung Beach is 1km long with smooth white sand, gentle slope, blue sea water. Embracing the beach is basalt hill range with reefs, of which Mui Si and Mui Lai reefs are part of the sea from 2 sides to create a airtight small bay without whirling sea currents. Offshore, Con Co Island looks like a tortoise emerging on the blue water.



Coming to Cua Tung Beach, besides sea bathing, walking in pine hills, enjoying seafoods of lobster, butterfish, cuttlefish, crab, snail..., visitors can also go along the coastal road to visit Vinh Moc Tunnel (4km to the north of Cua Tung Beach) and discover other famous historical sites such as Hien Luong Bridge, Ben Hai River…


Outstanding characteristics:


- In early 20th century, after discovering Cua Tung Beach, French hailed here as “Queen of beaches”, at the same time built many Gothic-architecture villas, roads, etc.

- Due to gentle slope of Cua Tung Beach, visitors walk to the sea about a half of kilometer, the sea level is just to their chest.

- In summer, Cua Tung is not affected by the hot and dry wind (southwest wind) from Laos but southeast wind.