Hai Duong

Area: 1,656.0 sq. km.
Population: 1,774.5 thousand habitants (2015).
Capital: Hai Duong City.
Administrative divisions:
- Town: Chi Linh.
- Districts (10): Nam Sach, Thanh Ha, Kinh Mon, Kim Thanh, Gia Loc, Tu Ky, Cam Giang, Binh Giang, Thanh Mien, Ninh Giang.
Ethnic groups: Viet (Kinh), Hoa, San Diu, Muong.



Hai Duong is on the Red River Delta. It borders with Bac Ninh, Bac Giang provinces on the north, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh provinces on the east, Hung Yen Province on the west, Thai Binh Province on the south. The network of rivers includes Thai Binh, Rang, Kinh Thay, and Dao rivers' giving good condition for agriculture and water transportation.

Climate: Hai Duong lies in tropical monsoon climate. The average annual rainfall is 1,300 - 1,700mm. The average temperature is 23.40C.



Long-standing history bequeaths hundreds of cultural, historic relics. They are Phuong Hoang, Kinh Chu, An Phu sites, Con Son, Thanh Mai pagodas, Nguyen Trai, Cao, Kiep Bac temples, Gieng Ngoc (Pearl Well), Thach Ban (Flagstone), of which Con Son- Kiep Bac are most popular ones.


Hai Duong is close related with many celebrities such as Le Huu Trac, Tran Nguyen Dan, Nguyen Trai, Mac Dinh Chi, and Pham Su Manh.

The province is proud of traditional handicraft villages like Chu Dau Pottery, Chau Khe Gold, Dong Dao Carving, Ke Sat Dry Pancake and Hai Duong Green Bean Cake. Folk songs like ca tru, cheo, xam are commonly here.

In addition of these, tourists also take interest in Chi Lang Nam Stork Village, home of thousands of white, black, fiery storks, herons and egrets.



Con Son Festival (Hai Duong Province)



Hai Duong Province is 57km from Ha Noi, 45km from Hai Phong City and 80km from Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province.

Bus: Bus N° 202 departs from Ha Noi (Gia Lam Bus Station) for Hai Duong (Hai Duong Bus Station) every 15 minutes. Time of service: 5am - 7pm.

Train: The railway route between Ha Noi and Hai Phong via Hai Duong Province is considered as a bridge to connect the capital city to Northern provinces and to the sea.

Nam Cuong Hai Duong Hotel

Add: 10, 30 Thang 10 Blv., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3895 735/ 3894 888

Sao Do Hotel

Add: 119 Nguyen Trai St., Sao Do Town, Chi Linh Town

Tel: (84-220) 6266 555

The Great Wall International Hotel

Add: 2 Thanh Nien St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3852 666

Hoa Binh Hotel

Add: 8/3 Den Thanh St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3850 723

Binh Minh Hotel

Add: 5 Doan Ket St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3855 569

Con Son Guesthouse

Add: Cong Hoa Commune, Chi Linh Town

Tel: (84-220) 3882 982/ 3883 822

Cong Doan Con Son Hotel

Add: Cong Hoa Commune, Chi Linh Town

Tel: (84-220) 3882 630

Huu Nghi Hotel

Add: No 1 Doan Ket St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3855 859

Hoa Hong Hotel

Add: Hong Quang St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3854 564

Thanh Dong Hotel

Add: Nguyen Luong Bang St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3891 450

Quan Khu 3 Guesthouse

Add: Nguyen Trai St., Sao Do Town, Chi Linh Town

Tel: (84-220) 3882 289

77 Restaurant

Add: 172 Thanh Nien St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3850 453

Huong Nguyen Restaurant

Add: 555 Ben Han Crossroad, National Highway 5, Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3858 136

Com Tay Bac Restaurant

Add: 35 Doan Ket St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3856 666

Sao Do Restaurant

Add: Km39, National Highway 18, Chi Linh Town

Tel: (84-220) 3587 899

Ristorante Italia Restaurant

Add: 1 Pham Hung St., Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 3894 894

Bach Dang Restaurant

Add: Bach Dang Park, Hai Duong City

Tel: (84-220) 384 3453

Ga Manh Hoach Restaurant

Add: Km 68, Pham Xa, Tuan Hung Commune, Kim Thanh Dist.

Tel: (84-220) 3729 335