Green tea in Hoang Su Phi (Ha Giang)
Update: Jun 10, 2024
Shan Tuyet, meaning “snow” in the high mountain, refers to the tea trees grown in the northern mountainous areas that remain cool and cold all year round. Hoang Su Phi District in Ha Giang Province is renowned not only for its mesmerizing terraced rice fields but also for its ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees.

The snaking road that leads to Hoang Su Phi District in Ha Giang Province rough and challenging - Photos: Hieu Truong

In Hoang Su Phi, Shan Tuyet tea covers an area of more than 4,600 hectares, mainly in the communes of Thong Nguyen, Nam Ty, Nam Khoa, Nam Son, Ho Thau, Ban Luoc, and Tung San. The district is also home to several 500-year-old Shan Tuyet tea trees, recognized as Vietnamese Heritage Trees.

Various types of Shan Tuyet tea products are now distributed across the country and exported globally. However, visiting Hoang Su Phi offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Visitors can explore ancient Shan Tuyet tea trees in the high mountains and immerse themselves in the local culture of ethnic communities, including the traditional way of drinking tea.

Shan Tuyet tea hills are scattered around Hoang Su Phi, especially in the deep jungles

Villages of the Dao ethnic people are surrounded by Shan Tuyet tea hills

Local people head to the Shan Tuyet tea hills from the early morning

They skillfully negotiate the rough and challenging roads

A guest immerses herself in the enchanting atmosphere of the jungle in Ha Giang Province


A tourist observes an ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree

His partner, dressed in Dao traditional outfits, picks tea leaves

Two local farmers work at a large Shan Tuyet tea tree

An old woman with extensive experience in making Shan Tuyet tea in Ha Giang Province


Shan Tuyet trees produce large, dark green buds and leaves with a white fuzz resembling a thin layer of snow


Dewdrops glisten on a spiderweb on a Shan Tuyet tea tree

Sun-dried Shan Tuyet tea next to terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi

A view of terraced rice fields from a Shan Tuyet tea hill

By Hieu Truong

Saigon Times - - June 9, 2024