Peaceful beauty of Ky Xuan beach in Ha Tinh
Update: Jun 03, 2024
Ky Xuan beach in Ky Anh District, Ha Tinh Province, has not been exploited strongly for tourism, so it still retains its wild and peaceful beauty. In the context of high airfares, this is a suitable destination for tourists in the Northern and North Central regions.

The peaceful beauty of Ky Xuan beach.

About 45 kilometres from the centre of Ha Tinh City, Ky Xuan beach is located in Thang Loi, Nguyen Hue and Xuan Phu Villages in Ky Xuan Commune. Ky Xuan beach has a long and gathers mountains and sea with three small mountains of Vang, Voi and Son Tinh. En island is far offshore. The combination of mountains and forests on one side, the vast ocean on the other, and small fishing villages in the middle, makes Ky Xuan beach impressive for visitors.

The beach is not as bustling as the city, but it does not bring a feeling of desertedness and loneliness. Whether you come to the beach in the early morning or at sunset, you can feel the peaceful beauty of the scenery as well as the simple life of the locals in the fishing villages. Like other beaches, Ky Xuan stands out with rows of green casuarinas, the smooth white sand and the characteristic blue of the sea. It is an ideal destination for those who like a quiet and comfortable place to rest.

Besides the fun activities on the spot, travellers can take a boat to En Island to explore the eye-catching coral reefs. In addition, visitors can follow the hunters. Thanks to many large and small rock crevices, Ky Xuan is famous for many types of fresh seafood that few other seas have such as lobster, blood cockles and squid.

Travellers should visit Ky Xuan beach from May to September - the summer in the North, because the weather is dry and sunny. In late August and early September, Ha Tinh starts to have rains sudden thunderstorms and storms.

Tran Anh - Translated by NDO

NDO - - May 31, 2024