Lonely Planet reveals best time to visit Vietnam
Update: Aug 17, 2023
World-renowned travel guide Lonely Planet has published an article revealing the best time to visit Vietnam.

According to the magazine, the hot and sticky high season which lasts from July to August is the busiest time of year to visit the country, coinciding with favourable beach weather that can be enjoyed on the central coast.

Lonely Planet noted that the rest of the country is warm and humid, whilst sunny days are punctuated by spectacular summer monsoon downpours and even the odd typhoon on the coast.

“This is a poor time of year for visiting the north, as trekking trails turn into quagmires, and Hanoi and Ha Long Bay are drenched by heavy showers,” the travel guide added.

The magazine shared that December to March is typically the best season to visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as the winter tends to be drier and cooler compared to the sticky summer, whilst the weather can be downright chilly in the north, particularly at higher elevations.

This is the perfect time to explore the nation’s characterful northern and southern cities, with manageable temperatures and low humidity which tend to the sting out of exploring Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on foot for foreign guests, Lonely Planet suggested.

The transition periods from April to June and from September to November are therefore good times to avoid crowds at popular sights and save money to explore the whole country, particularly as the weather is not notably awful anywhere. 

It also added that there are some good festivals to be enjoyed, including the Hue Festival, the Nha Trang Sea Festival, Buddha's Birthday Celebration, the Danang Fireworks Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Khmer Ok Om Bok Festival.

VOV - english.vov.vn - August 16, 2023