Son La: Moc Chau to become a national tourist destination
Update: Jul 18, 2023
Moc Chau district, Son La province, has invested greatly in infrastructure to become Moc Chau town by 2025. The district is boosting tourism in a sustainable manner and building a smart tourist city toward becoming a key national tourist destination.

Moc Chau district is honored as “Asia’s Leading Nature Destination” in 2022. (Photo: VOV)

Moc Chau district was honored as “Asia’s Leading Nature Destination” and “the World’s Leading Nature Destination” last year. With these significant recognitions, the district has promoted its natural, cultural, and tourism values to make this beautiful plateau a more appealing tourist destination in the coming years.

Nguyen Thi Hoa, Vice Chairwoman of the People’s Committee of Moc Chau district, said that achieving the titles was already difficult, but maintaining it is even more challenging.

In the upcoming time, Moc Chau district will focus on accelerating approved plans, attracting more potential investors in the tourism sector, and strengthening human resource training to make Moc Chau tourism professional and sustainable, and an attractive destination for domestic and international tourists, Hoa said. 

The Bach Long glass bridge in Moc Chau receives 100,000 visitor in the first half of 2022. (Photo: VOV)

Moc Chau Island Mountain Park and Resort has become a must-see destination, particularly since the Bach Long glass bridge, which is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest glass‑bottomed pedestrian bridge, came into operation a year ago.

Mr. Mai Tri Tue, Deputy Director General of Tour 26 Moc Chau Joint Stock Company, said more than 100,000 tourists have visited the area in the past six months. He said the company plans to expand the tourist site by an additional 15 hectares, focusing on green, safe, and sustainable tourism to meet tourists’ demand.

Mr. Tue said, “currently, we are completing the procedures for the investment expansion plan. We will invest in creating new, attractive tourism products for domestic and international visitors.”

Moc Chau district has made a list of priority projects for investment until 2025. They include projects on upgrading of the main road leading to the Pine Forest Tourism Area in Ang Village, National Highway 43 to Moc Chau Farm Town, roads to the Tourism Area in Lun Village, and the Hoa Ban road.

Nguyen The Nghia, Director of the Construction and Investment Project Management Board of Moc Chau district, said 70 projects are underway and 40 will be implemented this year. The new projects are under the national target programs which aim to make Moc Chau a town by 2025.

Nghia said the main urban, inner city road project in Moc Chau is now the largest infrastructure project. The district strives to complete site clearance this year and the construction work by 2024 in order to boost the economic development and upgrade the local infrastructure, he added. 

Moc Chau preserves many unique cultural identities.(Photo: VOV)

Moc Chau has also invested in the development of rural, border, and ethnic minority areas. The district has formulated a separate resolution on socio-economic development of 10 disadvantaged border villages.

Le Trong Binh, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Moc Chau district, said that the resolution on socio-economic development of 10 disadvantaged border villages covers 21 indicators concerning economics, society, national defense, security, and politics. Among the 21 indicators, 12 have been fulfilled and the remaining ones are expected to be achieved by 2025, he said. 

Moc Chau aims to become a town by 2025 and a green urban area and one of the key national tourist destinations by 2040. The district is focusing on developing the Moc Chau Urban Planning program until 2040.

VOVWORLD - - July 15, 2023