Digitalisation of Japanese Covered Bridge data
Update: Mar 13, 2023
During the restoration of Japanese Covered Bridge (Hoi An city, Quang Nam province), local residents and visitors can go sightseeing, doing religious rites at this relic.

Japanese Covered Bridge

According to the plan, the restoration of Japanese Covered Bridge starts on March 2023. Along with the restoration, the city will digitalise all the information and data relating to the relic.

In the process of the Japanese Covered Bridge restoration, there will be a road arranged for the locals’ and visitors’ religious and spiritual activities. At the same, it is a channel for the overseeing of restoration work.

Before the restoration, all details, from the smallest ones of Japanese Covered Bridge are recorded by 3D technology and the whole project are photographed in order to compare with it after restoration.

The project prioritizes the maximum reuse of the original components. Substitute materials should be identical, including paint.

And the restoration must be done with great care. Professional agencies will have a comprehensive and careful evaluation to suggest the most effective restoration solutions.

Quang Nam News - - March 11, 2023