Foreign newspaper praises Hung Thoong Cave as “A Different World’
Update: Mar 09, 2023
Journalist Michael Wing of The Epoch Times of the United States has dubbed Hung Thoong (Thoong Valley) in the central province of Quang Binh as “A Different World”.

Hung Thoong Spring (Photo: Cao Ky Nhan - Jungle Boss Tours)

As well as writing about Son Doong cave, the largest cave in the world, Michael Wing published an article titled Explorers Set Foot in Unreal Cave Hitherto Unseen Deep in Jungles of Vietnam: ‘A Different World’, noting that there is another hidden gem situated in this locality. Indeed, it is one that has long gone unseen and is tucked away in the pristine jungles of Thung Valley close to the Lao border.

Located along the Hung Thoong stream, the site boasts one of the most magnificent subterranean grottos that is typically only known to locals and has therefore only been explored by a select few over the past decades.

“We speak of Hung Thoong Cave, which was just recently opened to visitors in January 2023, though their numbers are being kept down to preserve the pristine area and its subterranean wonders,” said the reporter.

Inside Hung Thoong Cave (Photo: Cao Ky Nhan - Jungle Boss Tours).

He noted that the cave system was discovered in 1993 by local men and subsequently surveyed in the following year by British spelunkers.

Recently, visitors set out on their very first public explorations of the spectacular hollows in order to appreciate its singularly sublime and ornate beauty.

The article quotes Phong Nha-based cave guide Leo Nguyen as saying that the Hung Thoong cave system is the only one that features such beautiful cave formations.

“It’s all about the combinations of rock formations and water in there. It’s super beautiful compared to other cave systems in the area,” the guide told the publication.

According to him, over 400 caves like this have been discovered in these mountains in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. They have helped to generate local tourism business and allowed locals gainful work while also supplanting illegal activities such as poaching.

The article also noted adventurers hoping to set foot inside Hung Thoong Cave must pay VND8 million, equal to about US$335, for the privilege. Only 20 people may travel in a group at one time and only two groups are allowed inside per day.

Beyond the phenomenal natural wonders one will see, the article highlighted that ties of friendship and hospitality enjoyed during the trip will remain with tourists long after the journey ends.

VOV - - March 8, 2023