Art programme features silk Ao Dai collections inspired by songs about soldiers
Update: Dec 23, 2022
An art programme, themed “Soldiers and Silk”, was held at the campus of the Military Zone 7 in Ho Chi Minh City, as part of the activities marking the 78th anniversary of the Vietnam People's Army (December 22, 1944 – 2022).

Soldiers and models at the art programme. (Photo: The Anh)

The programme introduced Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional long dresses) collections, that were inspired by the songs highlighting the heroic memories of soldiers.

The collections are made by many famous designers such as Cao Duy, Nguyen Thuy, Le Kyo, Cong Huan and Minh Hanh.

Designer Minh Hanh, General Director of the programme, said people often think of tough soldiers, but they were also very romantic.

The art programme highlights the beauty of soldiers and Vietnamese women. (Photo: The Anh)

The programme also featured songs about the soldiers that were performed by the military band and art troupes from the Military Zone 7, along with teacher Nguyen Thai Duong, singer Khang Ngoc, Le Minh Duc, and ty ba (plucked string instrument) artist Nghiem Thu.

The presence of 200 soldiers, the silk Ao Dai collections and the songs about soldiers, created a lively, interesting and heroic musical picture. The image of Vietnamese soldiers over the periods, the beauty and sacrifice of Vietnamese women during wartime and today, were reproduced.

Nhan dan online - - Dec22, 2022