Tu Le in the rice ripening season
Update: Nov 09, 2022
Tu Le, located in Van Chan district, Yen Bai province, is one of the attractive destinations with unique terrain and a convenient location, lying between the three mountains of Khau Song, Khau Pha, and Khau Than. This place is not only popular for its natural beauty, but is also loved by many people for the hospitality of the ethnic highlanders.

The rice ripening season in Tu Le. Photo: Duy Bang

Located about 50km to the East of Mu Cang Chai, the road to Tu Le is suitable for travel by motorbike. After you have arrived at Yen Bai, you can rent a motorbike to roam the beautiful roads here.

The best time to explore Tu Le is from mid-September to October every year. At this time, Tu Le had just entered the ripe rice season, so the terraced fields were dressed in beautiful yellow shades. Besides, you can also come here around May or June, which is the pouring water season, if you want to explore Tu Le earlier.

When visiting Tu Le, you should not forget to take in and admire the majestic, poetic beauty of the terraced fields. Only when you witness the beauty of Tu Le in the ripe rice season with your own eyes, enjoy the fresh air, the flowers, and the fragrance of the ripening rice, can you understand Tu Le’s beauty. During this time, it will be a memorable experience to try and live the life of the people here, experience a day as a farmer, and start the day with field work.

The rice ripening season is also a good time for you to experience the hot springs in Tu Le. At this time, the weather is cold, so bathing in warm mineral springs, relaxing, resting, and enjoying these wonderful moments will definitely give you an unforgettable experience.

Tu Le glutinous rice. Photo: Bui Thai Hai

Coming to Tu Le, you will have a chance to enjoy many delicious dishes such as: porridge cooked with duck, five-coloured sticky rice, rice cooked in bamboo tubes, dried meat... In particular, the Tu Le nugget is a must-try. This specialty is made from Tu Le glutinous rice grown on the terraced fields here. This is a unique type of nugget here at Yen Bai highland, which is very delicious and has a distinct taste. You can choose to buy Tu Le sticky rice to take home as a gift for relatives and friends. Besides, some canned specialties, such as San Tuyet tea, undinaria, forest honey... are also some great choices for you. If you fall in love with one of the spices of the Yen Bai highlands, the rare sichuan pepper, is ideal for you. The dishes cooked with this spice offer a delicious and very typical taste.

Minh Anh

Vietnam Today - vtr.org.vn - November 8, 2022