Night squid fishing in Cua Lo (Nghe An Province)
Update: Jul 29, 2022
Visiting Cua Lo (Nghe An) in the summer, in addition to enjoying the refreshing atmosphere of the sea, please do not forget to sail at night on fishing boats to enjoy the fresh sea specialties and experience this exciting activity.

The fishing boats are ready to take visitors fishing. Photo: Nguyen Phu Duc

From 19:00 every day, the fishing boats of Cua Lo’s fishermen are ready to take visitors fishing for the night. The squid fishing season is usually from April to July, the time when the squid get near to the shore to breed. The trick of the professional is that it is advisable to rent a motorboat or speedboat to save time and be able to flexibly get to any spot with squid to fish or quickly get back to the shore in case of seasickness.

The boat usually sails about 2-3 kilometers away from the shore. Normally, you should choose to fish on a day when the moon is not visible, as if there is a bright moon, the squid can clearly see underwater to hunt and no longer rely on the boat’s light.

Fresh squids has just been fished up by tourists.

In order to catch quids, it is necessary to have a bamboo rod that is both long and small. The hook consists of many sharp hooks that are connected around a fake shrimp that is attached to reflective metal wires. When the hook is dropped into the ocean, it will glow under the boat’s light and draw the squid closer. Thanks to the reflective fake shrimp along with the light from the high-pressure lamp, the squid will be drawn to the shrimp and swim closer to take the bait.

When fishing, when you feel a light weight pulling down and moving slightly, carefully pull the fishing line up and racket the squid. During the fishing trip, the boat owner will prepare a small kitchenette and some charcoal to cook fresh squid for visitors to enjoy. After 10 minutes of waiting, the fresh squid that has just been fished up by tourists will be grilled and ready to be eaten.

Only by floating along with the tide, becoming a squid fisherman, watching the shimmering and magical sea at night, and sharing freshly cooked squid with friends can you truly understand life at sea.

Hai Anh

Vietnam Today - - July 27, 2022