Tourism revival on Cham Islands
Update: Jul 11, 2022
Visitors have returned to Cham Islands, Quang Nam province. Over one thousand arrivals are estimated to go to the islands every day.

Means to Cham Islands

The number of visitors to Cham Islands is over 52 thousand in June, 2022. Local authorities are also making every effort to ensure visitors’ safety.

Currently, there are accommodation services on Cham Islands; therefore, people visiting the islands can enjoy overnight stay there.

Visitors and tourists to Cham Islands are very interested in the scenery there. Besides, they are also impressed by the locals’ friendliness and hospitability.

Visitors to Cham Islands

Going to Cham Islands, visitors and tourists have chances to contemplate corals and enjoy local specialties.

There are over 40 homestays on Cham Islands now.

Several tourism activities have also been restored, such as Cham Islands at Night, folk games, Bai Choi Performance Art, in order to serve visitors and tourists to the islands.

Quang Nam News - - July 9, 2022