Xanh island-a green pearl in Binh Dinh province
Update: Jul 11, 2022
Nhon Chau island commune, which is called Xanh or Green island by the locals in Binh Dinh province, is located in a strategic position of national defense and an unspoiled tourist attraction.

Xanh island in Binh Dinh province

Everyday in the summer hundreds of tourists flock to Green island, a picturesque island in the sea. It’s covered by coconut and tropical almond trees.

The island has a white sandy beach overlooking the mainland, where most islanders live. The other side of the island is formed by giant rocks stacked on top of each other to create impressive shapes. Sea waves collide with the rocks to produce huge white foam. When visiting Xanh island, you will be immersed in the exciting wilderness and the simple life of the islanders and watch them catch squid and fish.

Dao Quoc Khang and his family of 13 members traveled more than 1,000km from Hanoi to Xanh island, and the trip did not disappoint him.

“Our country is very beautiful. Sea and islands are Vietnam’s advantages for tourism. I’m very proud of our country’s natural beauty. The island will surely attract a lot of tourists,” Khang said.

A light house in Xanh island (Photo: Le Thi Phuong)

There are many places to see, such as a 100-year-old lighthouse of oriental and western architectural style and a huge national flag pole, a spiritual support for fishermen returning from the sea.

The Thao Nguyen rock field has various shapes and sizes of rocks. Visitors can bathe at the Fairy Well, which is associated with a tale that in the old days, on moonlit nights, fairies from heaven often came down to earth to bathe and have fun.

Nguyen Thi Cuc, a tourist from Tay Ninh province, said “It’s beautiful and the air is fresh. I hope there will be more restaurants or food shops.”

Ho Nhat Le, chairman of the People's Committee of Nhon Chau island commune, expressed his hope that waterway traffic will be developed to bring more tourists to the island.

“Tourists will help develop local economy and generate jobs and income for the islanders. Local residents can work with tourism agencies to offer services for extra income,” Le added.

Thao Nguyen rock field in Xanh island (photo: vnexpress)

The State and Binh Dinh province have invested a lot in Nhon Chau island to improve its socio-economy. Binh Dinh province plans to build piers and locks to serve national defense and security, economic development, and travel.

Ho Quoc Dung, secretary of Binh Dinh Provincial Party Committee, said “The main task is planning to fully tap Nhon Chau island’s potential and connect tourist sites. The provincial leaders have assigned the Construction Department to build a landmark of the island.”

From now to 2030 Binh Dinh province will allocate budget to expand roads, install street lights, and grow more trees on Nhon Chau island. A master plan will be in place to develop marine economy and tourism while maintaining security and defense.

VOVWORLD - vovworld.vn - July 8, 2022