Mu Cang Chai planned to become a tourist district in the Northwestern region
Update: Jul 08, 2022
The People's Committee of Mu Cang Chai district and the Department of Construction of Yen Bai province organised a conference in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province, on July 7, announcing the construction planning project for Mu Cang Chai district.

Mam Xoi (Raspberry) hill, an attractive destination in Mu Cang Chai district.

Accordingly, Mu Cang Chai district is oriented to be a typical district of sustainable tourism development of Yen Bai, with an economy of agriculture, industry, handicrafts, tourism services, culture and society, and sustainable development.

People have a typical ethnic cultural life, towards the development of village communities associated with handicrafts with potential for tourism development.

Mu Cang Chai district is a dynamic component, making effective contributions to the economy-culture-society of Yen Bai province and is closely associated with national defence and security.

Photo: Leaders of Mu Cang Chai district received the decision to approve the regional planning project.

The project identifies five development sub-zones, including the Urban service centre in Mu Cang Chai town, Kim Noi commune; Energy economic sub-zone in Ho Bon commune, Lao Chai commune, Khao Mang commune; Biodiversity conservation and biosphere reserve sub-zone in Che Tao commune; Key sub-zone for the development of a natural tourism-resort in La Pan Tan commune, De Xu Phinh commune, Pung Luong commune, Nam Khat commune and Cao Pha commune; and the Special agro-forestry economic sub-zone in Mo De commune, Che Cu Nha commune and Nam Co commune.

Each sub-zone is specifically defined in terms of size, nature, key economic sectors and associated strategic project portfolio.

The approved construction planning project of Mu Cang Chai district is the basis for socio-economic development orientation, especially the tourism development strategy and Mu Cang Chai’s brand promotion.

The project is expected to create favourable conditions to attract investment in infrastructure, as well as urban and tourism development projects throughout the district, soon bringing Mu Cang Chai district into a typical district of sustainable tourism development in the direction of green-safe-identity-friendly.

Nhan Dan Online - - July 7, 2022