Digital transformation in Phu Tho tourism
Update: Jul 06, 2022
In the first six months of 2022, Phu Tho received over one million tourists, including 358,000 stay guests; revenue from tourism and services is estimated at VND 1,600 billion. These figures show the recovery of Phu Tho tourism after the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic. For this achievement, one of the key solutions is to strengthen the introduction and promotion of Phu Tho tourism with domestic and foreign tourists on the IT platform, so that the image of Phu Tho tourism may reach out to tourists in the quickest way.

Nowadays, the images of the homeland and people of the Fatherland, as well as the tourism products of Phu Tho are introduced on the websites and; are promoted through facebook pages and fanpages: “Phu Tho Tourism Promotion Information Center”, “Phu Tho Tourism”, “Phu Tho Xoan Singing” and “Phu Tho Tourism Products”, Zalo channel and Tiktok channel of Phu Tho Tourism, and phuthotourism smart phone app to tourists, travel businesses, travel agencies and tour guides throughout the country.

Pictures of Phu Tho tourism and destinations such as Hung Kings“Temple Historic Site; Mother Au Co Temple (Ha Hoa district); Thanh Thuy hot mineral water resort, Lang Suong Temple (Thanh Thuy district); Hung Lo Communal House (Viet Tri city); Xuan Son National Park, Long Coc tea hill (Tan Son district)... in addition to the unique features of Phu Tho"s culture and cuisine are presented through the Fatherland”s Youtube channel with four categories: Fatherland“s tourist destinations; Fatherland”s Cuisine; Exploration of the Fatherland; The culture and people of the Fatherland. This Youtube channel is regularly updated, attracting more than 4,300 subscribers and more than 328 thousand views, creating great interaction with tourists who have had experiences in Phu Tho, appealing a large number of tourists to discover and learn about the Midlands - the origin of the Vietnamese country.

Director of Phu Tho Tourism Promotion Information Center Nguyen Duc Hoa said: Currently, tourism introduction and promotion activities are renewed in order to improve advertising effectiveness, expand markets, attract tourists and create favorable conditions for tourists to search information about Phu Tho tourism. Increasing application of IT and digital transformation in promoting Phu Tho tourism contributes to develop a smart tourism ecosystem, support tourism businesses to connect with people and state management agencies in tourism activities in order to provide information about tourism products and services.

Reinforcing digital transformation in tourism development, Phu Tho tourism industry cooperates with mass media units to continuously strengthen application of IT and digital transformation in tourism introduction, information, and promotion; develop a digital tourism database towards synchronization with the national tourism data digitization system; promote the deployment of safe travel applications implemented by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism nationwide such as the app “Safe tourism in Vietnam”; deploy an app to look up tourist information by scanning QR Codes at tourist sites and attractions; prepare for application of VR virtual reality technology in tourism experiences to increase interactions, attract tourists to Phu Tho and create favorable conditions for Phu Tho tourism to recover and develop strongly after the COVID-19 epidemic.

Phuong Thanh

Phu Tho Newspaper - - July 5, 2022