Nom Village – Treasure of northern province of Hung Yen
Update: Apr 04, 2022
Nom Village in Dai Dong Commune of Hung Yen Province’s Van Lam District, is considered a treasure of the region.
Dai Dong Temple, also known as Nom or Tam Giang Temple, is located in the northwest of Nom Village. Photos: Nguyen Trung Au
The village, which is only over 20 kilometers from Hanoi, features the most typical characteristics of ancient villages in the north of Vietnam. Regardless of the development of the society, architectural works and the lifestyle of local residents in Nom Village remain unchanged.
A lake in the center of the village
Locals ride bicycles on a road along the lake
An ancestral shrine in Nom Village
Ancient ancestral shrines cast shadows on the surface of the lake
A bicycle is parked near the lake
Ancient banyan trees in front of Dai Dong Temple
A corner of Nom Pagoda, which was reportedly established in 1680s. The pagoda has been listed.
The gate and part of the yard of an ancient house in Nom Village
The gate in the west of Nom Village, which was built in 2011
By Nguyen Trung Au
The Saigon Times - - April 4, 2022