Cao Bang set to open second Ban Gioc Waterfall Festival
Update: Sep 06, 2018
The second Ban Gioc Waterfall Festival is scheduled for October 6-7 at Ban Gioc Waterfall Tourism Complex in Trung Khanh district, the northern border province of Cao Bang.

Diverse activities will be organized during the event including a food court selling local specialties and tourism products, an international terrain cycling tournament, traditional art performances, and a spiritual festival at Truc Lam Ban Gioc pagoda.

The festival aims to create a jubilant atmosphere among ethnic minority people in Trung Khanh district and promote emulation movements in production activities to contribute to the province’s socio-economic development.

The event is also destined to expand cultural exchange and sports activities to promote the image of Trung Khanh, and local cultural characteristics and tourism products to domestic and international friends.