A glimpse of Thanh Ha pottery village in Quang Nam
Update: Jan 04, 2018
When it comes to the central province of Quang Nam, the World Heritage-listed town of Hoi An and My Son Sanctuary are always what local and international tourists think of first. But there remains a less-known Thanh Ha pottery village which is located around two kilometers from Hoi An City, but worth a visit for travellers during their trip to the central province.

Foreign tourists visit a pottery making facility in Thanh Ha Pottery Village

From Hoi An, tourists can get to the village by bus or boat to get hands-on knowledge of the traditional craft village with a long-established history and observe how local artisans have preserved the ancient pottery craft.

The pottery village built up its reputation in the late 15th century by Northern people who migrated there to start a new life. The occupation of pottery making in Thanh Ha has experienced the vibrant development during its heyday in the 18th century thanks to the prosperity of Hoi An Port, according to information on the website www.hoianworldheritage.org.vn. 

Pottery products are mainly made from clay by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation over the past centuries. Once arriving in the pottery village, visitors might be captivated to witness miniature ceramic works depicting the shapes of the world’s renowned natural wonders or the country’s famous landscapes.

After more than one century of existence and development, the career of pottery making has witnessed many ups and downs, but it has still been preserved until now thanks to those artisans with great passion and strong devotion to keep the craft village intact.