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Co ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Co (Cor, Col, Cua and Trau). Population: 27,766 people (Year 1999). Locality: Bac Tra My and Nam Tra My districts of Quang Nam Province; Tra Bong District of Quang Ngai Province.
Cong ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Cong (Xam Khong, Mang Nhe, and Xa Xeng). Population: 1,676 people (Year 1999). Locality: Muong Te District in Lai Chau province and along the Da River.
Ho Dynasty (1400-1407)
The Ho lasted for 7 years, from 1400 to 1407, with two kings: - Ho Quy Ly (1400) - Ho Han Thuong (1401 - 1407)
Co Ho ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Co Ho (Xre, Nop, Co lon, Chil, Lat and Tring). Population: 128,723 people (Year 1999). Locality: Di Linh Plateau of Lam Dong Province.
Name of ethnic group: Co Lao (Ke Lao). Population: 1,865 people (Year 1999). Locality: Dong Van and Hoang Su Phi districts in Ha Giang Province.
The oppressive occupation soon triggered fierce resistance. As early as the end of 1407, many uprisings began to occur. A descendant of the Tran Dynasty proclaimed himself king in 1407, taking the name Gian Dinh and setting up his headquarters in Nghe An Province.
Ming occupation and Lam Son insurrection
As early as JuIy 1407, the Ming emperor had incorporated Dai Viet into the Chinese empire under the title of Giao Chi Province, set up a central administration, and divided the country into phu and chau, trying to reach down to village level by 1419.
Le So Dynasty (1428-1527)
Towards the end of the 14th century, a great crisis shook the country. The Ming court, then reigning in China, took advantage of this to invade Dai Viet and to impose a form of direct rule which was to last for twenty years (1407-1427). However, the invaders encountered stiff resistance from the beginning, and national independence was eventually wrested back in 1427 by Le Loi, the founder of the Le Dynasty.
Mac Dynasty
Mac Dynasty lasts for 151 years (1527 – 1677), including 10 reigns: - Mac Thai To (1527-1529) - Mac Thai Tong (1530-1540) - Mac Hien Tong (1541-1546) - Mac Tuyen Tong (1546-1561) - Mac Mau Hop (1562-1592) - Mac Toan (1592) - Mac Kinh Chi (1592-1593) - Mac Kinh Cung (1593-1625) - Mac Kinh Khoan (1623-1638) - Mac Kinh Vu (1638-1677).
Co Tu ethnic group
Name of ethnic group: Co Tu (Gao, Ha, Phuong, and Ca Tang). Population: 50,458 people (Year 1999). Locality: Tay Giang, Dong Giang and Nam Giang districts in Quang Nam Province; A Luoi and Phu Loc districts in Thua Thien-Hue Province.